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Things I have learnt from 2 days on Tinder

November 11, 2014

1) Andrea is apparently a guys name.

2) Guys on tinder swipe right to all their options.

3) Saying you’re not here for sex is equivalent to saying – please call me every bad word you have ever heard before in your life, ironically, including the word “slut”.

4) I am a fat-ist. i.e. I am a horrible person.

5) It is not okay to be “Just here for a chat”. Committing this abhorrent sin is punishable by, also, being called a slut.

6) Matteo is a far more common name than I have ever imagined.

7) People have the strangest ideas of what their best photos are.

8) Asian chicks are known to be kinky

9) Cute, nice guys are never permanently in the area </3

10) I am also a heightist, and a terrible person.

11) Guys think that girls like a) Ab shots b) Cuddly animal shots c) Cool sports shots d) Cool car shots and e) Suited up shots. Aaaaaand they’re mostly right. Though I’m pretty sure that’s not your car, and ab selfie shots are not cool. Stop.

12) To be continued, my second day is not quite yet up.


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