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Kevin Rudd and the bible.

September 3, 2013

So there’s this article making the rounds on facebook right now, slamming kevin rudd for his apparent misquote of the bible.

And a ton, and i mean a TON of people have be reposting it. And it’s pissing me the hell off.

First, there are certainly many verses in the bible that can be used (please note the phrase CAN BE USED, i am not interpreting here) to support slavery. This can not be denied. Please view:

Secondly, which is not specific to this particular topic, if you want to say that homosexuality is a sin, so is a whole bunch of other stuff stated in the bible, for example, divorce. Divorce, however, is legal in most countries I would say. Why are all these people who are causing a fuss over gay marriage being legalised, not making an equal amount of noise over divorce ALREADY BEING LEGAL? Of course there are all those other little ridiculous things that christians don’t care about as well, such as, not being allowed to eat pork or shrimp etc. (See: )

Thirdly, aren’t all sins equal? I’m sure i’ve raised this before. If all sin is equal (ie. no big sins or little sins, once you’ve sinned that’s it), why is so much attention being put on homosexuality? Wouldn’t a liar (i.e. every single person in this world) be equivalent to a gay man or woman, and to a murderer? Aren’t you then equivalent to a MURDERER? Yes. The answer is yes.

Fourthly, the fact is that the bible HAS BEEN USED TO DEFEND SLAVERY. I’m not saying they were right, i’m not saying they were interpreting the verses correctly. I am just saying that, in history, the bible has indeed been used by people supporting, and arguing for slavery. As well as for the apartheid. As well for oppressing women. Amongst other things.

Perhaps his statement should be viewed as a reminder that when people began wanting to abolish slavery, the bible was used as an argument supporting it, the same way it was used to justify the apartheid.


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