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What do you love about yourself?

May 21, 2013

I read an article today talking about this.

So I had a little think about it. We often get asked to sell ourselves, applying for uni, applying for internships, job interviews… I usually come up with a bunch of crap that is straight out of a model answer booklet. I thought maybe this time, I should really give it more thought and see what I can come up with.

  1. I am very passionate about the things I care about. Which contributes to one of my greatest flaws too.

    When I decide something is worth my time and effort, I give it my all.

    I don’t understand when the people around me, who are presented with the same amount of information that I am, do not feel the same outrage, same infuriation and exasperation at the world. It frustrates me to no end. Anger is my greatest flaw.

  2. I sincerely care about things. Sometimes way too much, I’ve been told.

    “Ni jiu shi xin tai luan” is a phrase that comes to mind. Sometimes I find that my focus might be spread too widely, energies spread too thinly. Which is why I chose my current profession, to focus it all, I guess because at the end of the day, this is what I care about the most. And yet, I feel that there are so many battles I want to fight, so many things I feel I need to do.

  3. I am truly a friendly and approachable person. I actually try my best to control this and regularly remind myself to shut up.

    As much as I claim I hate humans and people and the things they do, I honestly love talking to people, making new friends and listening to their experiences. My report card back in primary school always complained that I was all over the class talking to everybody and anybody. My mother said I would make friends with a tree if I could.

  4. I am as honest and upfront as I can be. Which tends to land me in hot water more often than not.

    As a friend, I will always tell you to the face exactly what I think. If I am ever upset, you will know about it. This is the way I wish my friends would deal with me too. I am no mind reader, and neither are you. I wish people would be more like this. I’d rather get insulted to my face than bitched about behind my back by the people I care about.

    Unless you’re a complete stranger that I don’t give a rats ass about, in that case, keep your comments to yourself, I couldn’t care less if you don’t like my face.

  5. … I can’t think of anything more.
    I love reading. I think this is a very good value of mine. 😀
    Family is my first priority.
    I am frugal when it comes to both money and food. And pretty much everything else that can be reused reduced or recycle. Yay the greens! (Y)
    I like my legs, hair, and teeth. heh.

Okay i think that sums up the things I love about myself. It’s not good always beating myself up, I should have a couple of positive posts once in awhile, no? Lest future me dies from depression after reading these posts again.


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