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Cutting ties

March 11, 2012

So i’ve never had any major fights with friends, before this one. So while you may not be new to the idea of cutting ties, I am.

With recent events happening in the house, I can see that there are other people like that too.

They seem to enjoy cutting people out. As suits yourself.

but forgiving seems to be a better option to me. I don’t understand all this ‘cutting out’ stuff.

And how many people have you?

Yeah, how many billion ppl are there in the world. But the people around you. Why choose to be unhappy when you can be the direct opposite?

And it’s not just about you and the other party. It’s about everybody around as well. You may not care. But we do. You may be fine and happy, but how awkward you make everyone else feel. Like when I have to help her ask you whether I can get her internet stick from your room? You may not care but how do you think that makes us feel?

At the end of the day. I will choose to be happy. You think that cutting ties with people you are displeased with will make you happy. I sincerely hope for you it does. But it’s selfish. Especially to him. We are a whole group of mutual friends. What kind of position are you putting him in when he’s the bridge to all of us. And we see each other everyday! Is this how you want to live?

And to the other tie-cutter. How many people do you need to cut to be happy?

in other news, they’ve found another cancer and my grandfather is back on chemo.


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